Cluny Kids: inspiring young people through their heritage

Cluny Kids is a pan European project. It aims to provide Cluniac sites throughout Europe with an education toolkit to inspire learning about the Cluniac heritage locally, nationally and on a European scale.

The Cluny Kids project is co-ordinated by the Federation and a steering committee of representatives from four sites which each have a wealth of experience in devising and delivering education about the Cluniac network. The representatives are from Lewes (Sussex) in England; La Charite sur Loire (Nievre) in France; Tyniec in Poland and Vizzolo Predabissi (Milan) in Italy.

Each member of the group is working on creating transferable education resources relevant to all sites in the Cluniac network.

The group is developing and testing exciting education resources that can be used by all sites in the Cluniac network. Subjects to be covered include : the daily lives of the medieval monks, pilgrimages and Romanesque sculpture.

The aim is to introduce and excite children and young people about their Cluniac heritage and to :

  • Help them understand the history of monks and monasteries in Europe;
  • Understand how we are all connected through our shared European history;
  • Create links between children and young people living in Cluniac sites for cultural and language exchanges;
  • Encourage visits to discover sites in the Cluniac family throughout Europe and increase understanding and appreciation of the network and heritage.

Cluny Kids- inspiring young people through their heritage