The Cluniac brand

When the Federation was created in 1994 it was decided to create a trademark brand for Cluniac sites.

The Federation name, the Cluniac sites rosette and the activities of the Federation were registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property in 1994.

This limits their use to members of the Federation.

  • The Cluniac rosette

    The Cluniac rosette was designed, 22 years ago, by Andre Deglise. It is a true emblem of Europe and a registered trademark.

  • Cluniac status, a cultural identity

    The Federation guarantees the Cluniac status of its members - essential for their cultural identity.

    The copyright and trademark protection works at two levels :

    - on a legal and economic level;

    - on a political and European level.

  • Signs designating a Cluniac site

    These signs create a defined and consistent marking of the European route of Cluniac sites.

    A site specific official Federation sign is installed at the entry points to a town to indicate to motorists and tourists that they are entering a recognised Cluniac site.